Friday, September 9, 2016

Open Garden Native Plant Sale Sept 10 10am - 4pm

I will be having an “open garden” native plant sale. This is last minute, but I had been planning this for a few weeks, but as the time drew closer and I saw the weather was going to be quite hot I had thought about changing the date. However, I was asked to help out at another event next week so I will be having a plant sale at the nursery on Saturday, Sept 10th,. Hours are 10am to 4pm. No appointment needed, just stop by during those hours. I really wanted to have it while the Golden Asters and Blue Mistflower are blooming, and they look great. I wanted to be able to offer them now. Turtlehead and New York Ironweed, Sunflowers, Asters, Goldenrods are also in bud, so it is a good week to get these plants. There is also Milkweed available.

Also this year I have grown some plants in large pots for those looking for more instant filling in. Seaside Goldenrod, Turtlehead, Smooth Blue Aster, New York Ironweed, Switch Grass, Giant Sunflower, Coral Honeysuckle and Swamp Milkweed are the options and these are $10.00.

All other plants are in 4 inch pots, priced at $3.75 each tax included. I will have 50 species available altogether.

I will also be talking about native flower arrangements, which I have been cutting most of the summer now that my two- year old garden has filled in quite nicely. I mean, hey, who says the garden is only for wildlife to enjoy? The garden is looking quite full so it is a good time to see it.

This is a link to some of the plant info:

The address of the nursery is              

4054A Tremont Ave

Egg Harbor TWP, NJ 08234

Phone: 609-287-5090



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